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Crazy 8s

To brush up on my animation skills, I took a class in Drawing for Animation at Shoreline Community College. I have experience in animating for games, but they are very limited in scope since they are mostly repeating cycles due to keeping filesizes and the games small. Also, most animations I have created were animated by code, bits and pieces of art put together like a paper puppet. This class focused on full animation and the big project was to create a 30 second pencil test, which was quite the challenge. The class really helped me to refocus on how to animate and giving my animations more life. Additionally, I learned/relearned about certain animators that were inspiring, especially Grim Natwick and UPA animators.

Below are the model sheets and storyboard for “Crazy 8s”. I decided to animate a cereal commercial, inspired by those wacky characters from my childhood. I always thought the commercials were sometimes more interesting than the cartoons I watched.
Watch the movie below the cut!

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